Membership & Certification

American Express' advertising slogan says it best.

"Membership has its privileges."


If you are looking for exciting educational forums, career advancement options and essential networking opportunities, then the South Dakota HFMA chapter has what you seek. We offer opportunities to hear regional and national speakers on the latest healthcare finance topics. We also support our members striving for career advancement through HFMA certifications and by offering networking events at many of our programs.

Our Chapter is deep in history and are very fortunate to have many long-standing, active members to mentor to the next generation of healthcare leaders. Through years of service and dedication to HFMA, Mr. Dave Timpe will tell anyone that the opportunities afford him by his HFMA involvement have given him success in business and many lasting friendships. In his eyes, HFMA can offer its members more than they could ever offer HFMA. "For all the times that I have volunteered in the many aspects of local, regional and national activities, our firm, our clients and I have always benefited more than the time I have invested. To anyone contemplating membership in HFMA, consider the following opportunities. If you have questions or would like to talk about any of these items, please contact me at"


  • Educational events - These are the life blood of the Chapter and are where most members become engaged with HFMA. The South Dakota Chapter has a long history of providing top-notch, quality Chapter educational events.
  • Networking - Come to meet and get to know your peers. They have probably encountered many of the exact same questions and obstacles you are dealing with.
  • Write newsletter articles - What a great way to share (and receive) tips on everyday problems you encounter!
  • Become a Committee member (or better yet, the Chairperson of a Committee) - This is an opportunity to work with other Chapter members to help accomplish various tasks, projects and goals for the Chapter and its members.
  • Become a Board member - The Chapter currently has six Board members each serving a three year term.
  • Become an Officer - The Officers (we currently have five) are ultimately responsible for various aspects of the Chapter's service to the members. The Officers attend a Leadership Training Conference on an annually basis at the resort hotel. Some of the recent places the Officers have attended meetings at include New Orleans, California, Florida, and Puerto Rico.



  • There are Regional educational activities where members of the Chapter can meet with their peers throughout the region.
  • Networking - This is an opportunity to expand your horizons and meet with your peers from throughout the Region.
  • Become a Regional Executive - The Regional Executive (RE) is the liaison between the local chapters and National HFMA. He/she serves a one-year term as the Regional Executive Elect and then a one-year term as the Regional Executive.



  • Educational events - There are multiple opportunities for National educational events. These take the form of clusters (located in regional hubs); teleconference calls; or the Annual National Institute which is a three and half day educational event along with a large exhibit hall.
  • Networking - Here a person has a chance to network with their peers from throughout the United States.
  • Judging Committee - This is a where a person judges Chapter's Yearger submissions for potential awards which are given at the Annual National Institute.
  • National Advisory Council (NAC) - This is an appointed group that gathers two to three times a year to advise the National Board on various assigned tasks.
  • Chapter Advancement Team - The Chapter Advancement Team is a group of eight individuals from throughout the United States who help Chapters strive to achieve a new level of service to members.


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